Jordan Ashburn takes 2nd place at round 8 of the Sprint Enduro series!

Round 8 of the Kenda Full Gas Sprint Enduro series took place in Young Harris, GA. Riding conditions were great, and racers battled to secure positions knowing the series is coming to an end. 

Beta press 10-24-17.jpg

Jordan Ashburn grabbed a second place finish closing the series points gap. With only one race left in the season, Ashburn is only 8 points behind 1st place Steward Baylor. 

Round 9 of the Kenda Full Gas Sprint series will take place in Big Buck Union, SC on November 11th. For more information on the series go to:

Jordan Ashburn:
"I closed the first day with a test win and finished 2nd for day one. I started off Sunday good with another test win. I battled for good test times all day and ended up winning the last one with my fastest time all weekend on the enduro test. I finished the weekend just 5 seconds from an overall victory. We are still in contention for the championship with only 1 round left."

Joe Wasson returns to the AMA Hare and Hound Series

The eighth round of the AMA National Hare and Hound series took place in Lucerne Valley, CA.

This was Joe Wasson's first Hare and Hound series race coming back from a serious wrist injury. Wasson rode smart and fast as the dry riding conditions and windy environment took its toll on the riders, however Wasson was able to keep a strong pace and finished ninth on-board his Beta 480 RR.

Round 9 of the Hare and Hound series will take place in Barstow, CA on November 12th. For more information on the series go to:

Joe Wasson:
"I found a spot I felt pretty comfortable with. Lined up at 9:30, the banner went up, and we took off. Didn't get a great start and with the dust being so bad I just rode smart and made passes where I could. After 40 miles I had my first pit stop. Then I was able to get by a couple more people the next 40 miles and rode to a solid 9th place. Not the greatest finish but felt good for being my first race back after a gnarly injury. I know where I need to improve to get back on top!"

Photo by Shan Moore